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Family Business

One morning while listening to talk radio I heard the phrase: “Morning Glory, Evening Grace!” and I thought that I had the missing piece to my puzzle.  Finally I had a name for the business that I was dreaming of starting.  The idea of an Assisted Living Care Home was planted by one of my good friends who had been operating a successful Assisted Living for a while.  I always had a passion for health and wellness, this seemed like a natural extension of me and my passion.


Evening Grace Residential Facility for Elderly, LLC. was founded in January 2007 and we opened our first home in June of the same year.  My husband and I bought the home next door to us and transformed a 1500 square foot ranch style home into a 4100 square foot home.  The beginning of the business was not an easy task.  Our residents trickled in as we were trying to establish ourselves.  Much of the care giving was done by ourselves.  Only after the third resident could we afford to hire a full time caregiver.  One step at a time, we filled the home and established ourselves.

As name recognition grew and more people moved in, we received instant praise as having one of the most caring and elegant residential care homes in the San Fernando Valley.  Always providing the right surroundings, we continuously strive for an exceptional level of personal care.  This mindset and dedication has served us so well that within a year we opened our second home for business.

Next door to our first facility, our second home began receiving guests in the beginning of 2009.  The impressive 3800 square foot home that sits upon a 17,000 square foot lot provides the right environment for our elderly residents to enjoy indoor as well as outdoor activities.

Ever since we opened, we were fortunate to meet wonderful people belonging to “The Great Generation” as well as their families.  We consider ourselves blessed and we enjoy every day.  We have success stories that brought much happiness and excitement as well as the peace of mind for the families of our residents.

I thank you again for showing interest in our website, please feel free to surf, get informed and should there be anything you would like to talk about, do not hesitate to contact us.



Diana and Family